Babies And Contact Lenses:
You may be surprised to learn that babies can be given contact lenses at any age.  The reasons your baby may need to wear lenses would be for a serious optical defect such as extreme near sight, or high astigmatism or strabismus; the lenses will develop better sight, where glasses would be impractical.  It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have a young baby wear glasses continuously.  When a congenital cataract has been removed, a contact lens is inserted.  This, though, is a very rare condition in babies.

If contact lenses are deemed a necessity, the baby will be measured and fitted in the same way as an adult.  The lenses prescribed are nearly always daily wear rather than extended wear.  These are safest as daily checking and cleaning reduce the chances of infections developing.  Extended wear lenses are rarely used.  If it is decided they are preferable, you have to be well trained by your practitioner on how to check your baby's eyes frequently and periodically to clean the lenses thoroughly.
The Elderly And Contact Lenses:
There is no upper age limit for wearing contact lenses.  But they sometimes have to be abandoned when the wearer's fingers become arthritic, because putting the lenses in and removing them can be difficult.  Then there is the danger of infections starting up, or even injury if the lens has become uncomfortable and cannot be removed.  There is also the problem of confusion and forgetfulness in some older people.  Caring for your lenses is very important and when personal daily hygiene is no longer easy, contact lenses should not be worn.  Dry eyes are more common in the elderly as well, which of course makes wearing contact lenses difficult.  If the dryness cannot be solved with eye drops, it may be necessary to switch to glasses.
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Can Babies, Children And The Elderly Wear Contact Lenses?
Children And Contact Lenses:
For children lenses are usually better than glasses, not only because they avoid the possibility of accidents from broken glass or frames, but also because children don't like the discomfort of glasses and usually prefer not to have their looks altered.  Glasses can make them self-conscious and that may mean they stop wearing them when they think they can get away with it.  If the sight defect is strabismus, constant wear is important, so contact lenses are a better solution.