The next trend in the contact lens industry was introduced in 1987 by the Johnson & Johnson company.  They were called Acuvue, and known as the world's first disposable contact lens.
There are other manufacturers of extended wear contacts, too.  Vistakon produces a disposable lense called Surevue, that is essentially the same as Acuvue but thicker and easier to handle.  These are designed to be used for two weeks.  Vistakon also released One-Day-Acuvue lenses in 1994, that are designed to be inserted in the morning, and discarded at night after one day's use.  This is an expensive option, as you will obviously need 720 lenses for one year.  But for convenience, they can't be beat.
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There was nothing about the contact itself that was revolutionary, in fact it was much the same material as extended wear soft contacts.  The difference was in the manufacture of the lenses.  They could be made so quickly and cheaply that the user could afford to discard them after a few days or weeks.

There are differences among eye care professionals exactly how long these lenses can be worn before throwing them out.  Some doctors say one day, others say a week, still others say up to one month.  It is best to follow your doctor's instructions, though.  He will make the best recommendation, based on your particular needs.
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