It's important that you choose the shape of eyeglasses that look the best with your particular face type.  Doing this can make you look even better with eyeglasses than without!
Diamond Shaped Face:
A diamond shaped face is characterised by a small chin and wide temple area.  A butterfly shaped eyeglass frame is your best best.  You may also want to try a square frame.
Oval Shaped Face Type:
The most common of the face types, an oval face is considered to be well-balanced.  This type can wear just about any eyeglass frame type, as long as the frame and face are proportional.
Rectangular Face Type:
The rectangular face is narrow, long, with a square chin.  Use an eyeglass frame with rounded bottom lines, and strong top bar.
The Round Face:
Pretty self explanatory, here. The round face has a rounded, curved forehead and chin.  Try a geometric or angular type of eyeglass frame.
The Square Face:
The square face is characterised by a wide forehead, cheek, and chin.  Go with a round or oval shaped eyeglass frame.
Triangular Face Shape:
The triangular face is full around the cheeks and chin, while more narrow at the forehead.  A heart shaped or square shaped eyeglass frame is best for this face shape.
Choose The Right Eyeglasses For Your Face Type:
The basic rule in choosing a frame type for your eyeglasses is to first determine your face shape, then go with a pair of frames that are the opposite of that frame type.  So, if your face type is oval, go with a rectangular lense, or vise versa.  How do you know what face type you are?  Here's a simple way to find out: simply stand in front of a mirror, and use lipstick to draw the outline of the front of your face.  Then before investing in a pair of eyeglasses, compare it to the images below to determine the right eyeglass frames for you!
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