Laser Eye Surgery Machines: Condensed FDA Test Reports
Allegretto Wave FDA Study Results
(Approved October 13, 2000)
Keracor 116 FDA Study Results
(Approved September 28, 1999)
Kremer Excimer Laser FDA Study Results
(Approved February 13, 1998)
LadarVision Excimer Laser FDA Study Results
(Approved November 3, 1998)
LaserScan LSX FDA Study Results
(Approved November 12, 1999)
Meditec Mel 80 FDA Study Results
(Approved August 15, 2006)
Technolas 217A FDA Study Results
(Approved Feb 23, 2000)
VISX Star S2 FDA Study Results
(Approved July 22, 1999)
Nidek EC-5000 FDA Study Results
(Approved December 17, 1998)
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Nidek EC-5000 Excimer Laser FDA test results.
If you are thinking of having laser eye surgery, it's a good idea to investigate not only the laser eye clinic and doctor who will perform your surgery, but the actual excimer laser machine your doctor uses.  All laser eye surgery machines used in the USA must be thoroughly tested by the manufacturer through clinical trials before they can be approved for use by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration).
We've summarized each FDA report into the same general format:
Machine Trade Name, Manufacturer, Date Approved By The FDA;
Marketing History;
Types Of Surgery The Machine Is Used For;
Summary Of Clinical Studies-
Study Objective & Study Design;
Demographics Of Patients Involved In The Study;
Results Of The Study: Complications During/After The Surgery, Side Effects;
Patient Satisfaction Survery (If Available);
Conclusions Drawn From The Study.

Follow the links below to read the reports:
We were able to get our hands on the official FDA test results for every type of laser eye surgery machine used in the U.S. today.  The reports are VERY long and detailed, so to make it easier for you, we have condensed the data in each report without leaving out any of the important details.
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