Over the last decade the contact lens industry has lived an explosion in sales and growth of lenses as they come in all shapes, size, color and design.
If worn the way prescribed by a proper eye care provider, colored contacts can be a very safe, comfortable and fun alternative to spectacles or refractive surgery and contact lens companies are not only offering a multitude of different color variations to patients but also are offering a multitude of differently designed crazy colored contacts as well.

According to individual choice, eyes can transform into cat eyes, alien eyes, spiral eyes, wolf eyes or more, can change in color or have unique designs and in NFL logos as well, depending on the provider. So now you can choose the contact lenses that fit your style the best.
colored contact lenses
As much as first the idea was to offer a replacement for glasses in correcting some vision problems, lately the colored contact lens market is leaping forward and grabbing more and more of the entire contact lens market. The non-prescription lenses are appealing to all ages, from the very young to the very old, offering different colors and designs to the public.
Colored lenses can be purchased in hundreds of different color combinations and prescriptions. They can be worn daily or extended and come in disposable as well as non-disposable lenses. People spend a huge amount of money to change their appearance almost daily, buying cosmetic procedures, new clothes, new hair style and jewelry. Lately the list includes fancy designer contact lenses as well, as they can offer dramatic change or a mild change depending on the desire.
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Colored Contact Lenses: The Opportunity For A New Look