Laser Eye Surgery Videos:
Whether to proceed with laser eye surgery is one of the most important life-changing decisions you will ever make.  If you haven't arrived here from our main laser eye surgery info page, you may want to check it out.  It will provide you with some of the most unbiased information available on the web, and help you make the right decision.  In the meantime, you will definitely find these videos of real and computer-generated laser eye surgery procedures interesting:
Lasik Eye Surgery In 47 Seconds (Middle):
This is a time-lapse video of a lasik procedure, in which a corneal flap is cut before the actual laser is applied, then put back into place afterword.  (Drops are used to numb the area first). The black marks were used as a guide to help the surgeon place the flap back correctly after the application of the laser. Most patients report little or no pain during the cutting of the flap or application of the laser itself.  Newer procedures use a second laser to cut the flap, as opposed to an actual blade.  One of the biggest concerns with the lasik procedure is the healing process of the flap itself. See types of laser eye surgery for more details.
Now A Look At The PRK Procedure (Bottom):
Your doctor will recommend the PRK procedure (as opposed to lasik) if your cornea is too thin to create a proper flap.  As you can see, the upper layer of the cornea is scraped away before the laser is applied.  Again, numbing agents are used to eliminate any pain involved.  Most patients report feeling pressure on the eye, but not much else.  Those who have the PRK procedure will definitely report more pain after their surgery.  PRK also takes longer to recover from, and results are not immediately seen as they are in LASIK.  Some may take up to six months before their vision is crystal clear again.  One of the benefits of PRK is that there is no danger of the corneal flap dislocating or becoming wrinkled.  See types of laser eye surgery for details.
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Computer-Generated Simulation (Right):
This short video uses computer animation to demonstrate why and how a typical lasik (not PRK) procedure is performed, and how the surgery can improve your vision.  The video shows a microkeratome blade cutting the corneal flap, but keep in mind that "bladeless" flap creation is also available.  (See the laser eye surgery pages for more information).
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