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Lazik & Laser Eye Surgery Clinics/Surgeons: Jacksonville, Florida
This is a laser eye surgery clinic directory entry.
This is a lazik eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Jacksonville
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Jacksonville
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Leave A Review For This Laser Eye Clinic
This is a lazik eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Jacksonville
Listed below are some of the most popular laser eye surgery clinics in Jacksonville.  The information in each listing is provided by the clinics themselves, however all customer reviews are submitted by our visitors.  If you've had a good or bad experience at any of these laser eye surgery clinics, please submit a review.  If you don't see your clinic listed here, you can still submit a review, and we'll create a listing for you!  You can also read more general laser eye surgery reviews here.
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This is a laser eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Jacksonville
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From Dr Gulani himself:

"The Gulani Vision Institute is committed to providing advanced eye care Individualized for optimum results in a compassionate setting."  I will strive to raise the bar on myself to provide a level of care to my patients that is not only " High Tech " but also " High Touch ".  Helping people see is my passion & I wish to:

    * Deliver this passion in patient care (eye care)
    * Share this passion in educating fellow eye surgeons
    * Propel this passion with dedicated innovation and evolve towards an exacting future.
Gulani Vision Institute
8075 Gate Parkway (W)
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 296-7393
This is a lazik eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics:
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We have provided excellent eye care services for the greater Jacksonville area for over 30 years. We can now provide a very broad range of advanced surgical procedures for our patients. There has never been a better time to visit us and find out more about your eye care options.

Dr. Schnipper was the seventh person in the world to perform modern cataract surgery (phacoemulsification), the first in North Florida to do cataract surgery with the insertion of an intraocular lens implant, and the first in North Florida to perform Radial Keratotomy for the correction of nearsightedness. He now continues his pioneering techniques by being the first in Florida to offer completely blade-free LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis).
Jacksonville Eye Center
2001 College Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Gerard Coluccelli has been Jacksonville’s leader in advanced vision
correction solutions for over 25 years. Dr. Coluccelli, Dr. Choksi, Dr. Habashi and our highly skilled staff offer the most advanced technology, assuring you the sophisticated quality care you desire and deserve. Our comprehensive medical and surgical eye care is provided in the following areas:

    * LASIK vision correction (for nearsightedness, farsightedness and
    * Implantable contact lenses, including the advanced Visian ICL™
    * Cataract surgery
    * Diabetic eye disorders
    * Laser surgery for medical eye disorders.
Gerard A. Coluccelli M.D.
Amit R. Chokshi, M.D.
Hanaa M. Habashi, O.D.
1235 San Marco Blvd Ste.600
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
If you're passionate about being treated by a skilled LASIK surgeon and receiving the best possible results, then choose LasikPlus for your LASIK procedure. Jacksonville LASIK surgeon Dr. Faust is a leader in laser eye surgery.

As a LasikPlus patient, you will benefit from our experience in performing more than 800,000 laser vision correction procedures over 15 years. This experience, combined with the latest technology including Custom LASIK, ensures you obtain the best possible care.  LASIK eye surgery, performed by our Jacksonville surgeon, can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
Lasik Plus Jacksonville
8705 Perimeter Park Blvd 
Suite 10
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(866) 945-7587
Many well-informed, conscientious patients interested in LASIK or other refractive surgical options have chosen Atlantic Eye Institute (AEI).

WHY? Because of the experience of the surgeons and their staff, technology and facilities, convenience of locations and superior value for services offered. The highest quality of traditional care using state of the art technology is the signature of AEI.

Refractive surgery at AEI is always tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Frank discussions with you regarding your expectations, needs, risks, benefits and surgical followup are the rule at Atlantic Eye Institute.
Atlantic Eye Institute
6207 Bennett Road &
3316 3rd Street South
Jacksonville, FL
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