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Lazik & Laser Eye Surgery Clinics/Surgeons: South Dakota, USA
This is a laser eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Rapid City
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Listed below are some of the most popular laser eye surgery clinics in South Dakota.  The information in each listing is provided by the clinics themselves, however all customer reviews are submitted by our visitors.  If you've had a good or bad experience at any of these laser eye surgery clinics, please submit a review.  If you don't see your clinic listed here, you can still submit a review, and we'll create a listing for you!  You can also read more general laser eye surgery reviews here.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Sioux Falls
On This Page: Rapid City, Sioux Falls.
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Vance Thompson Vision
Sanford Clinic, Talley Building
1310 W. 22nd Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
(605) 328-EYES (3937) or (877) 522-EYES (3937)
Vance Thompson Vision is a temperature and humidity controlled environment located at 1310 West 22nd Street, in the Talley Building on the Sanford USD Medical Center campus in Sioux Falls, SD. The Talley Building sits at the corner of 22nd Street and Grange Avenue, with our facility located on this new building's second floor.

At Vance Thompson Vision, we offer free consultations to anyone interested in learning more about their candidacy for laser vision correction. Your consult will help to educate and inform you about the different types of procedures and about which procedure best suits your unique vision. We will also discuss what to expect on the day of surgery and in the weeks and months that follow if you choose to proceed with vision correction.
Black Hills Regional Eye Institute
2800 Third Street
Rapid City, SD 57701
Toll Free 1-800-658-3500
A New Personalized Approach to Laser Vision Correction
No two eyes are the same. Like your DNA or fingerprint, your vision is unique. Until now, your treatment was based on diagnostic technology similar to that used for the prescription of eye glasses or contact lenses. However, with the WavePrint System by VISX, the doctors at the Eye Institute Laser Vision Center can produce a precise and more detailed analysis of your vision and provide you with a more personalized approach to laser vision correction that addresses your individual needs.
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